Weather Station up and Running - Thanks to Rotary


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Firefighters - The Daylesford brigade is managed and operated solely by volunteers from the local community, if you are physically able and feel you have something to offer the community by joining, please contact the link below.

We welcome new members.

Training starts with minimal skills training and then proceeds from there to various other skills and management levels. As Daylesford also operates a MVA rescue service there is an opportunity to train on this side as well. The brigade has a monthly meeting on the first Monday of every month with Rescue training held on the second Monday and Fire Fighting training on the third Monday. Sundays are casual and available for extra training and giving all the trucks a weekly run.

Non - Active Roles - there is a massive 'behind the scene' managment setup at each fire - this is often controlled from an Local Command Facility (LCF) and consists of Strategy, Resources, Planning, Mapping and Catering to name a few of the roles - in a major fire this LCF would be set up locally - positions are always available for members who do not want to, or cannot physically attack a fire but still want to assist in an incident.

To become a member a police clearance is required along with parent’s permission if under 18.

Please contact the secretary link below for information and an introduction to the Captain and members.

Email the Secretary

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