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Fire Equipment Maintenance

Need new Fire safety equipment or current equipment serviced or upgraded
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Fire Equipment Maintenance (FEM) is a professional service provided to the community by the Daylesford Fire Brigade. This service is provided in accordance with all the relevant Australian Standards and regulations.

The FEM service ensures that buildings, schools, hospitals, shops all have the best serviced fire protection equipment possible. The Daylesford FEM services 130 local businesses including the council, schools and hospital. The funds raised by the FEM operation goes towards the Daylesford Fire Brigade and in this way further helps the local community.

FEM Products

  • CFA brand Fire extinguishers -– Dry Chemical, CO2, Foam and Water
  • Fire Hoses - Hose reels – Hose nozzles
  • Signage
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Blankets

FEM Servicing

FEM also offers a 6 monthly service program for all installed equipment.

For information about fire equipment, both commercial or domestic systems or to get
one of the Daylesford FEM Team to contact you, phone :

1300 363 661

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