Weather Station up and Running - Thanks to Rotary



Photo – Pumper 3Type – 3 Medium NSW
Model – Isuzu FTR 900 Crew Cabin
Engine – 8 Litre Turbo-Charged Diesel
Transmission – 7 Speed Manual
Carries – Crew of 6
Pump- Rosenbauer NH-30 Pump Capacity 3000 Litres Per Minute, Water Tank – 2000 Litre Capacity
Class “B” Foam Tank – 200 Litre Capacity,Class “A” Foam Tank – 80 Litre Capacity

4 x Draeger B/A Sets, 4 x Spare Cylinders, 4 x Splash Suits, PPV Fan and Ground Monitor. Plus other general fire-fighting equipment

Tanker 1

Description: Tanker 1 060814.jpgType – 3.4C Heavy Tanker
Model – Hino Ranger PRO 8Z Crew Cab ( 4×4 )
Engine – 8 Litre Turbo Charged Diesel
Transmission – 6 Speed Manual
Carries – Crew of 5
Pump – GAAM Mk 325 / Hatz 2L41C Diesel Engine Capacity 1450 Litres Per Minute
Water Tank – 3750 Litre Capacity
Class “A” Foam and “B” Foam

2 x Draeger B/A Sets, 2 x Spare Cylinders, 2 x Splash Suits, Deck Monitor, Chain-saw, Safety deluge protection and roll down reflective curtains for truck and crew. Plus other general fire-fighting equipment

Tanker 2

Description: IMG_0008.JPGIt is a four wheel drive, 6 speed manual, medium tanker built on a Hino truck purposely modified in Australia for Australian fire fighting conditions and can carry a crew of 5. It is fitted with a reversing camera.

Water capacity is 2350 litres of which 650 is set aside for crew protection – 1700 litres for fire fighting.

Water is delivered through two on-board diesel pumps, one of which is high pressure, used mainly for blacking out (wetting down burnt areas). Fire fighting foam is available through either pump.

The truck is equipped with a remote monitor (water cannon) mounted on the front bullbar, this monitor is controlled by a joy stick situated beside the front passenger seat.

The truck has a deluge system, which in an emergency, with the operation of one lever, sprays water through permanently mounted spray heads over the complete truck. The cab windows all have permanent roll down reflective screens and a heavy woollen blanket is provided for each crew member. It also has a crew protection curtain that folds down on the rear of the cab to protect any crew compromised outside.

The tanker is equipped with two sets of breathing apparatus and also carries equipment such as a chainsaw, hand tools and other general fire-fighting equipment

Rescue - Commissioned 13 December 2015

Type – Medium Rescue 
Model – Hino FG1628 - Length 8.2 metres
Engine – 7.6 Litre, 6 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel
Transmission/Suspension/Brakes  – 5 Speed Allison Automatic - Airbags with rear drop down feature. Exhaust & electric retard brakes.
Crew – Driver & 4

“Jaws of life” (Lukas hydraulic cutting, spreading and ram equipment), PTO 12 KVA generator plus 2.5KVA petrol backup unit. LED remote controlled lighting mast & assorted flood light equipment, PTO Lukas hydraulic pump plus petrol backup unit and hand pump, chain-saw, petrol quick-cut saw, hooligan tools, glass management kit, two Stabfast stabilisation systems, low pressure air lifting bags, cordless tools (rattle gun, reciprocal saw, drill, angle grinder),  glass removal tools, foam and dry chemical extinguishers, electric vehicle mounted and hand winches, chains. First aid/trauma kits and soft Oxygen Kit.

Rescue Support Vehicle - Commissioned Dec 2018

This Brigade owed Ford Ranger was obtained through a Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program - it is set up with a minimum amount of tools and equipment, but ready to transport extra Rescue personal to a MVA/Rescue situation. It is also set up with all the equipment/radios to operate as a FCV if needed. It is an automatic four wheel drive fitted with a standard issue rear canopy and includes an Engel fridge.

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